Introducing BROADSONIC.

The Future of Ultrasonic Technology.

BROADSONIC Product Image

A New Level of Precision

In the forefront of ultrasonic technology, BROADSONIC stands as a beacon of unmatched precision and innovation. This ultrasound sensor sets records with its unparalleled sensitivity to air ultrasound signals, covering a vast bandwidth and an omnidirectional range.

The essence of BROADSONIC lies in the synergy of advanced patented technology and precision optomechanical measurement techniques. By developing structures more refined than the width of a human hair, BROADSONIC can detect even the faintest pressure fluctuations, so subtle that they’re restrained only by the intrinsic limits of thermal motion.

But BROADSONIC is more than just sensitivity. It represents an unmatched combination of sensitivity and bandwidth. Whether for acoustic inspection, material characterization, process monitoring, or gas sensing, BROADSONIC is designed to surpass expectations in every scenario.

Dive into the next generation of ultrasonic technology with BROADSONIC, where every nuance is captured.

Product Specifications

Acoustic Bandwidth: 0 – 40 MHz
Self-Noise: 100 uPa/Hz1/2
Active Sensor Area: 100 μm diameter
Ultrasonic Force Sensitivity: 3 × 10-13 N
Omnidirectionality: > 60 degrees

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